Srameks of Rawlins County, Kansas
Descendants of Vaclav Šrámek and Catheřina Hruška

This web site is dedicated to the memory of Vaclav Sramek, his wife, Catherina Hruska, and their four sons, Joseph, James, Frank, and John. It is a “work in progress”. If we were to wait until the database is complete, we would never get the web site up. So this website is being launched 81 years after the death of Vaclav in July of 1923. The contents will change from time to time. Come back and visit often. Look for “New Additions” and “Going, Going, Gone” links.

Since accuracy is very important to our family, please notify Mary, the"JuniorWebmaster"(address below) if you find any errors. If someone living is listed, and does not wish to be, please notify us also.

Yes, as you go through the dates, you will find that NONE of the birthdates listed here for Vaclav and the four sons match what is recorded in the United States, such as in the Social Security Death Index or on cemetery monuments. Images of the original baptismal books are included in this site, so you can see for yourself. This site will use the dates from the European records; whether you use this date or the "traditional" one is up to you.

This data is the property of the Sramek family. This data may be freely transcribed, but no one may charge a fee to anyone else for its use (although donations toward future research will be gratefully accepted). The research was paid for by Sramek family descendants, and they have chosen to make it available to relatives and friends. The project was begun as a manual database in 1964. None of the data in this site was obtained from the commercial genealogy vendors, although some have portions of this data on their CDs. The Census data referenced in some notes was obtained through and death dates referenced from the Social Security Death Index were obtained through .

Although the data starts with Vaclav, we have attempted to include eight generations back in Europe, a feature not built into the software. There was a bit of manual programming involved, so some links might not work correctly. Please notify the webmaster about any incorrect or confusing links.

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